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Overview of BECI

BECI (Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry) emerged from the partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Brussels Business Association. BECI accounts for two thirds of all jobs in Brussels and more than 35,000 companies.

A private non-profit organisation, financed and run by its members, BECI is an inter-professional bilingual and neutral organisation that brings together the various sectoral federations, independent individuals, and organisations and companies of all sizes.

BECI’s objective is to promote economic activity and socio-economic balance in the Brussels Region, through a number of services and activities aimed at small, medium or large companies.

As a social partner with a presence on numerous committees and commissions both public and private, BECI participates in sectoral negotiations, and represents and supports the interests of Brussels companies in their relations with the local, federal and international authorities, always doing so with a deep concern for the maintenance of social balance.

With the support of its Knowledge Centre BECI examines questions related to the economy, employment, education, transport, the environment, taxation, city planning and land-use planning. The role of the Centre is to produce studies and position papers. Its objective is to provide a solid strategic vision for supporting a resilient economy that is well integrated into the urban space. It is in this context that BECI participated in the carrying out of this study.