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Overview and key data


  • Public university hospital devoted entirely to oncology
  • 1 site
  • 31,002 m² of buildings spread over 30,440 m²
  • Reconstruction of an 80,000 m² building costing €255 million under way

Economic data

  • €148,757,363 of revenue
  • €79,442,173 in staff costs (54% of total costs)
  • €97,515,340 of cumulative investments between 2007-2016

Human resources

  • 807 salaried staff
  • 675 salaried FTE
  • 57 independents, 15 Interims and 257 secondments
  • 54% of salaried staff resident in the Brussels Region
  • 73% of females salaried


  • 160 authorised beds
  • 5,980 admissions
  • 24,457 patients of whom 53% reside in the Brussels Region
  • 2,499 emergencies
  • 4,987 surgical interventions


  • 539 future professionals in training
  • 13 training supervisors for trainee physicians
  • More than 83,000 hours of staff training at the expense of the employer


  • 201 scientific publications
  • 96 clinical research projects under way

The Jules Bordet Institute is a hospital devoted entirely to patients suffering from cancerous illnesses.

An integrated multidisciplinary centre, unique in Belgium and internationally recognised, the Jules Bordet Institute is a hospital devoted entirely to patients suffering from cancerous illnesses. For more than 75 years, its teams have been providing patients with diagnostic strategies and multidisciplinary and state of the art therapies for preventing, detecting and actively combating all types of cancer.

The Jules Bordet Institute also leads on important research activity in cooperation with other national and international cancer research centres, deploying specialised high-level university training in the field of cancerology.

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Clinical research: a key element in the progress of medicine

A fundamental principle of the Jules Bordet Institute is the close integration of day to day medical practice, enabling patients to participate in clinical research using entirely new diagnostic techniques and therapies and to benefit as soon as possible from the latest discoveries in the research labs. Numerous clinical research programmes are run in co-operation with other national and international cancer centres and networks. The Institute participates for example in several clinical research projects in the field of immunotherapy and, more particularly, in performance analyses of immunostimulant medicines being used by patients suffering from metastatic cancer.