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Societal impact of CHU Brussels

Attractiveness effect of CHU Brussels for patients

By virtue of their vocation as public institutions, CHU Brussels hospitals have a strong local footing in terms of the patient care catchment area: of the 464,287 patients treated by CHU Brussels, 77% of patients (357,118) are resident in the Brussels Region.

Breakdown by region of CHU Brussels patients (464,287 patients)


patients treated at CHU Brussels

Distribution in the total population of districts of CHU Brussels’ patients who reside in these districts.

Sources : total population: FPS Interior (data 2016) – employment rates : BISA (data 2012).


of the patients are resident in the Brussels Region

TOP 521

  1. City of Brussels : 87,159 patients out of 174,272 inhabitants: one resident in two (50%)!
  2. Schaerbeek : 53,070 patients out of 131,456 inhabitants (40%)
  3. Molenbeek-Saint-Jean : 34,495 patients out of 95,514 inhabitants (36%)
  4. Anderlecht : 28,863 patients out of 117,597 inhabitants (25%)
  5. Jette : 23,931 patients out of 51,835 inhabitants: more than one in two! (46%)

21NB: a patient who in 2016 was treated in several CHU hospitals will be counted several times. A patient treated in 2016 in the same hospital is only counted once.