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Economic impact of CHU Brussels

Induced impact of CHU Brussels in the Brussels Region (multiplier effect)

Induced impact is based on a projection of monetary flows and jobs that the revenue and jobs generated directly by CHU Brussels will eventually inject into the local economy. Indeed, CHU Brussels’ revenue and jobs themselves indirectly engender other revenue and jobs, particularly at suppliers of CHU Brussels but also at these suppliers’ suppliers, producing a cascading multiplier effect over time, in the manner of a virtuous spiral.

The intraregional multiplier coefficient of monetary flows for the Brussels Region specific to the hospital sector is 0.71, which means that one million Euros of revenue generated by the hospital sector will result over time in an injection of 710,000 Euros into the Brussels economy.

The induced economic impact, in terms of monetary flows, of CHU Brussels in the Brussels Region from CHU Brussels activities is thus:

0.71 x 834,349.027 (CHU Brussels revenue) = €592,387,809 of indirect benefits for the Brussels Region.

One FTE at CHU Brussels indirectly generates in the Brussels Region supply chain: 0.33 FTE

The induced impact in terms of jobs indirectly generated by CHU Brussels in the Brussels Region is therefore:

0.33 x 6,272 FTE (5,987.4 FTE from CHU Brussels17 + 284.2 FTE salaried staff employed by non-profit organisations/companies on sites, all regions combined) = 2,070 FTE jobs indirectly generated for the Brussels Region.

17 FTEs considered include CHU Brussels salaried staff but also secondments and Interims. Independents are excluded.