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Societal impact of CHU Brussels

Impact in terms of jobs

Employing 8,536 people, CHU Brussels is the largest hospital employer in the Brussels Region. It is placed in the top ten employers of the Region, all sectors combined18.

These jobs amount to 6,778 salaried staff (5,550 FTE), 425 secondments (330 FTE), 96 Interims (107 FTE) and 1,237 independent healthcare professionals19, principally paramedics and physicians.

No. 1 employer

in the Brussels hospital sector

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In top 10

of Brussels employers all sectors combined

Hospital sector (public + private) in Belgium = 147,000 FTE

Hospital sector (public + private) in Brussels = 24,000 FTE

Source : FPS Public Health 2014.

CHU Brussels employs workers with all levels of qualifications, but predominantly those who have received further and higher education (66%). Medical professionals, scientific staff (pharmacists among others), paramedics and nursing staff account for around 70% of salaried staff.

Breakdown of CHU Brussels salaried staff by professional category

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CHU Brussels is a provider of jobs for all academic levels, insofar as it outsources very few. 34% of salaried staff members (around 2,400 people) are non-graduates. With a sustained and accessible training policy at all qualification levels, CHU Brussels is a key player in the economic and social development of the Region.

Breakdown of CHU Brussels salaried staff by academic level

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Breakdown of CHU Brussels salaried staff by age group

CHU Brussels employs around 4,700 people20 (55% of staff members) who reside in the Brussels Region. These are the districts of the City of Brussels, Jette, Anderlecht, and Schaerbeek, which house most of CHU Brussels’ salaried staff. Other staff members reside in the Flemish Region (26%) and the Walloon Region (19%).


of staff members reside in the Brussels Region

Distribution in the active population of districts of CHU Brussels salaried staff residing in these municipalities.

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Sources : total population: FPS Interior (data 2016) – employment rates : BISA (data 2012).

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  1. City of Brussels : 667 salaried staff or 0.83% of the active population
  2. Jette : 479 salaried staff or 1.62% of the active population
  3. Anderlecht : 312 salaried staff or 0.53% of the active population
  4. Schaerbeek : 291 salaried staff or 0.46% of the active population
  5. Molenbeek-Saint-Jean : 274 salaried staff or 0.64 % of the active population

18After eliminating the effects on registered offices brought about by certain companies whose registered offices are in the Brussels Region but whose salaried staff work in another region (SNCB, BPost etc).

19These independents are paid per service. It is therefore not possible to estimate a number of FTE equivalents.

20Rate of 55% of salaried sta resident in the Brussels Region applied to members of sta as a whole (salaried, Interims, secondments and independents).