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Societal impact of QFCUH

Induced impact of QFCUH in the Brussels Region (multiplier effect)

The intraregional coefficient multiplier for the Brussels Region specific to the hospital sector is 0.71, which means that one million Euros of revenue generated by the hospital sector will result over time in 710,000 Euros being injected into the Brussels economy.

QFCUH’s induced economic impact in terms of monetary flows generated in the Brussels Region is therefore:

0.71 x €93,544,840 (QFCUH revenue) =
€66,416,836 of indirect benefits for the Brussels Region

One FTE at QFCUH generates indirectly in the Brussels Region 0.33 FTE in its supply chain.

The induced impact in terms of jobs indirectly generated by QFCUH in the Brussels Region is therefore:

0.33 x 734 FTE (684 QFCUH FTE + 50 FTE employed by non-profit organisations/companies on its site, all regions combined)
= 242 FTE of indirect jobs generated for the Brussels Region