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Economic impact of QFCUH

Direct economic impact of QFCUH

QFCUH expenditure

Jobs and aggregate payroll

QFCUH employs 1,055 people, which amounts to 863 salaried staff (673 FTE), 71 Interims or placed temporarily at the disposal of the hospital (11 FTE) and 121 independent healthcare professionals.

Total staff costs amount to around €51,3 million, or around 55% of QFCUH’s total costs (€93.5 million).

Around 54% of QFCUH staff (570 people28) reside in the Brussels Region, generating economic benefits of around €27.7 million29 for the Region, through income tax, savings and household consumption.

Purchases and investments

In 2016 QFCUH made more than €27 million of purchases and around €5 million of investments. Over ten years it has invested €55 million30, mainly on renovating and maintaining its infrastructure and obtaining cutting edge technical equipment.

We estimate that 49% of purchases (or €13 million) and 45% of investments (or €2 million) were made with suppliers whose registered offices are in the Brussels Region.

Expenditure on professional training

In 2016 QFCUH spent around €1.7 million on training for its staff as a whole, or around 7,000 hours of training provided to 825 salaried staff and around 83,000 hours of training for 46 candidate specialist physicians (PG) in training.

We assess the amount relating to the Brussels Region to be around €913,000.

Expenditure of non-profit organisations/companies located on the QFCUH site

This mainly concerns the cafeteria, the Francisco Ferrer High School and the branch of the Robert Dubois school. Together these non-profit organisations and companies account for jobs for 58 people (50 FTE), which according to our estimates amounts to an aggregate payroll of around €3.3 million. We assess the economic impact in the Brussels Region to be €1.8 million31.

Direct impact of QFCUH in terms of monetary flows and jobs in the Brussels Region : summary

Direct impact in terms of monetary flows All regions combined Brussels Region
Total €86,689,776 €44,946,603
QFCUH 83,362,776 43,150,100
Staff costs 51,371,196 27,739,256
Purchases and investments 31,991,580 15,410,845
Non-profit organisations/ companies located on the site (estimated aggregate payroll) 3,327,000 1,796,503
Direct impact in terms of jobs All regions combined Brussels Region
Total 1,113 people 734 FTE 601 people 396 FTE
QFCUH 1,055 684 570 369
Salaried 863 673
Independents 121 Not applicable
Interims/secondments 71 11
Non-profit organisations and companies on the site 58 50 31 27

28Rate of 54% of salaried staff resident in the Brussels Region applied to staff as a whole (salaried, Interims, secondments and independents).

2954% x €51 million (total QFCUH staff costs)

30Acquisition values

31Application of the rate of salaried staff at QFCUH (54%) resident in the Brussels Region to the estimated aggregate payroll of staff of non-profit organisations/companies on its site.