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Overview and key data


  • Public university hospital devoted to children’s medicine
  • 1 site
  • 27,000 m² of buildings on the Horta site (18 ha)

Economic data

  • €93,544,840 of revenue
  • €51,371,196 of staff costs (55% of all costs)
  • €55,388,109 of cumulative investments between 2007-2016

Human resources

  • 863 salaried staff
  • 673 salaried FTE
  • 121 independents, 71 Interims and secondments
  • 54% of salaried staff resident in the Brussels Region
  • 84% of females salaried


  • 183 authorised beds
  • 7,301 admissions
  • 64,135 patients of whom 74% reside in the Brussels Region
  • 40,796 emergencies
  • 3,851 surgical interventions


  • 724 future professionals in training
  • 8 training supervisors for trainee physicians
  • Around 90,000 hours of staff training at the employer’s expense


  • 86 scientific publications
  • 63 clinical research projects under way

Inaugurated in 1986, the Queen Fabiola Children’s University Hospital (QFCUH) is the only Belgian university hospital given over entirely to children’s medicine: everything there is designed with them and their parents in mind. From birth to adolescence, children receive the most comprehensive care, in respect for the charter of rights for the hospitalised child.

QFCUH brings together specialists from various fields of children’s medicine. It is the ULB’s main location for academic activity on children’s medicine.

It is a place for training and research work in the medical and paramedical disciplines for children. Numerous medical and scientific collaborations with other hospitals, as well as with Belgian and foreign universities, are under way.

QFCUH is located in Laeken, on the Horta site, in close proximity to CHU Brugmann with which it forms a mother-child centre that is unique, both in terms of its organisational lay-out and its architecture. The Brugmann maternity unit is in fact directly connected to QFCUH by a walkway, a real “umbilical cord”, designed to focus on an efficient and continued mother-child relationship, crucial in the first days of life.

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Vaccination: cutting edge prevention and research at QFCUH

The upsurge in extremely contagious illnesses poses a real problem for public health. The Queen Fabiola Children’s University Hospital provides parents with reliable and balanced information to respond to their concerns and questions on the subject. In terms of research, the expertise of QFCUH’s teams is also clear; a vaccine against streptococcus will be available within a few years.