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Overview and key data


  • General public and university hospital
  • 2 sites
  • 148,971 m² of buildings spread over 30,295 m²

Economic data

  • €271,641,568 of revenue
  • €167,273,557 of staff costs (62% of all costs)
  • €231,531,085 of cumulative investments between 2007-2016

Human resources

  • 2,519 salaried staff
  • 2,074 salaried FTE
  • 574 independents, 20 Interims and 13 secondments
  • 53% of salaried staff resident in the Brussels Region
  • 74% of females salaried


  • 585 authorised beds
  • 21,264 admissions
  • 217,109 patients of whom 78% residing in the Brussels Region
  • 81,628 emergencies
  • 15,253 surgical interventions
  • 3,223 deliveries


  • 1,830 future professionals in training
  • 28 training supervisors for trainee physicians
  • More than 253.000 hours of staff training at the employer’s expense


  • 187 scientific publications
  • 111 clinical research projects under way

CHU Saint-Pierre is a general public and university hospital situated in the heart of Brussels. It uses two sites, the Porte de Hal site in the Marolles quarter and the César De Paepe site located close to the Brussels’ Grand-Place. Constructed in 1783 in an old leprosarium, the Porte de Hal site was extensively and repeatedly re-designed, the most recent wave of renovations of which will be completed in 2018.

CHU Saint-Pierre is well-known for its reception which is particularly accessible to all patients, and for its highly performing emergency service. CHU Saint-Pierre also has an international reputation in infectious medicine, particularly in the fields of tuberculosis and HIV, for which it furthermore acts as a national referral centre.

CHU Saint-Pierre also has a substantial maternity unit (more than 3,200 deliveries a year).

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